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Foster Consulting provides targeted government and public affairs services to a wide range of industries.  We offer our clients the benefits of two decades of experience in state and local government and media relations.  We believe that success is achieved by fusing honesty, strategy, relationships and perseverance.

Success is achieved by fusing honesty, strategy, relationships and perseverance.

As respected advocates, the firm meets our clients’ goals by first developing a clear understanding of their unique needs. Comprehending both the industry issues and the client’s distinct challenges are crucial prior to embarking on a course to accomplish their objectives.

Foster Consulting’s success comes from our knowledge of the government process and our well-honed public affairs tactics.  Foster Consulting will meet your company’s goals by managing important relationships, communicating strategically, and navigating the often complex political process.

Snapshot of Services

  • Government Affairs – state and local government
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Political Consulting
  • Issue/Bill/Proposal Monitoring
  • Media relations

Whether before legislative panels, local government boards, or media representatives, Foster Consulting represents the concerns of their clients in an honest, straightforward, yet strategic manner.  The firm’s government and public affairs clients have ranged from large national corporations to smaller local firms, and from large state agencies to small local governments.

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