Our Services

Government Affairs

Whether your organization is seeking to change current law, or simply protect your business from initiatives that may negatively impact your operations or bottom line, Foster Consulting can strategically advocate for your needs.  Our extensive experience in a wide-range of industries at all levels of government will give your organization the advantage when it comes to lobbying for your concerns.

Regulatory Affairs

Many industries are heavily regulated, and the success of your operation requires rules and regulations that are fair and understandable.  Foster Consulting will assist you by continually watching for administrative or regulatory proposals that may change how you do business, and advocate for your concerns with key regulatory staff, boards or commissions.

Political Consulting and Training

Attempting to wade through the political complexities at the various levels of government can be overwhelming.  Foster Consulting can train you and your staff to better understand the government process and help you avoid the mine fields that can sink your proposal or have you stuck with a new law that can ruin your business.

Issue Management

Foster Consulting can manage your government or public affairs issue from development to implementation.  Whether your goal is to create support for your issue in the public affairs arena, or build a coalition to defeat a legislative proposal, or simply monitor the movement of a local initiative, we can assist you.

Media Relations

Years of experience with tough reporters and difficult issues gives Foster Consulting the edge needed to help you manage your reputation in the media.  We can help you provide a quick response to a brewing crisis, or simply increase the public’s awareness of your organization.